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MediaRoost Raises $500,000 in Seed Investment for Enterprise Twitter Management Tool

Metuchen, NJ (May 10, 2011)–MediaRoost today announced $500,000 in seed funding led by its founders Mark Krieger and Fred Pack. The proceeds will be utilized to build out the company’s enterprise Twitter Management tool, TweetRoost, which was launched in April.

MediaRoost is Krieger and Pack’s third venture together. In 2006, the two sold UniPress Software, the maker of FootPrints service desk solutions to Numara Software.  Launched in 1996, FootPrints was one of the first Web-based help desk and customer support tools targeting mid-market enterprises.

With the emergence of social media being utilized by companies across a range of industries for customer service and support as well as marketing and sales, Krieger and Pack realized the need for an enterprise-level Twitter management solution ideal for departments and groups as well as advanced users. As a result, the two began developing TweetRoost in 2010 and formally launched MediaRoost in 2011.

“Organizations active on Twitter can be easily overwhelmed with the influx of tweets and conversations they manage around the clock,” explained Mark Krieger, President of MediaRoost.“TweetRoost provides an array of functionality to centralize all aspects of Twitter engagement and allows departments and groups to support their unique business processes, workflow and collaboration needs.  Leveraging our experience in developing FootPrints over the years, we have been able to build a robust solution that helps organizations effectively manage all of their Twitter interactions.”

TweetRoost allows organizations to manage tweets, retweets, mentions and other social media discussions, and includes an array of features designed specifically for groups and advanced Twitter users. It is designed for departments within large organizations (sales, marketing or customer service departments), and agencies (marketing, advertising and public relations) that manage one or more Twitter profiles. TweetRoost provides a central platform to manage, assign, tag, search and archive Twitter conversations.

About MediaRoost:

MediaRoost, based in Metuchen, New Jersey, is a social media startup serving clients in the CRM, sales, marketing and public relations industries. With prior experience in programming and CRM software, the company’s focus is to help individuals and groups efficiently manage and monitor their social media presence. For more information on MediaRoost, visit or follow us on Twitter at