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per user per month

Number of TweetRoost Users1Unlimited, depends on purchase
Number of Twitter Accounts325
Scheduling Tweets
Auto-shorten URLs
User Notes
RSS Feeds
Activity Logging
Email Individual Tweets
Email Digests of Tweets-
Saved Outgoing Tweets, Retweets and Messages
Multi-User, Including Roles and Approvals-
Saved Incoming Tweets, Retweets, Messages and Search Monitors-
Search Monitors-
File Uploads-
Assignment and Auto-assignment-
Salesforce, Zendesk, Basecamp Integrations-
140+ Character Tweets-
Site Streams for high-performance Twitter access-
Turn RSS feeds into Tweets-
Try It Free Try It Free

Free trial: During the free 45 day trial, all Pro features are turned on, with 3 users and 3 Twitter accounts. No credit card is required to sign up.

Pro: We accept Mastercard or Visa. Subscriptions are month to month. You can cancel at any time for future months. All sales for the current month are final. Search Monitors will run up to 6 Twitter Saved Searches per Twitter Account in the background to monitor your brand and save the results in the permanent TweetRoost database.

Discount for non-profits (50% off): Purchase 1/2 of the number of users you’ll want total, and then ask us to double that.

The Full Vegas: Unlimited everything, installed on your own server, with source code: contact us for details.