“With TweetRoost, all members of our team can draft and schedule tweets – which means less time spent sending text around and more time interacting with our followers. Aside from having an easy-to-use interface and clean timeline, TweetRoost’s ability to archive data has helped us keep on top of which users did what in the activity stream. It also means we can stay connected to followers more easily, by seeing all @mentions in the permanent database. TweetRoost enhances our ability to manage our network and harness the enormous power of social media for our work.”
David, Survival International

NEW! Auto RSS Feeds into Tweets

Point TweetRoost at one or more RSS Feeds, including your blogs, and they automatically become Tweets!! You can approve or disallow them, schedule them and more.

Saved. Forever.

In Twitter, your Tweets, mentions and message disappear over time. In TweetRoost, you are in control of what is saved in the permanent TweetRoost database. Keep items forever in our searchable interface!


Schedule queues of Tweets and Messages to be sent at a later date and time.

Search Monitors

Automatically monitor Twitter for brand mentions and keywords. TweetRoost will save and optionally auto-assign them to team members.

Roles & Permissions

Control team member publishing access. Publishers must approve Tweets and Messages by Contributors and Editors before they can be sent to Twitter.

Team Collaboration & Multiple Twitter Accounts

Multiple TweetRoost users can work on one or more Twitter accounts together or individually. Integration with Gravatar for internal team member avatars.


Mute noisy people who Tweet too much (but continue to follow them) so they do not clutter up your Timeline. Unmute them at any time.

URL Shortening & File Uploading

One click URL shortening using bit.ly, and optionally use your own bit.ly account for click tracking and ROI analysis. Upload any file from your desktop to TweetRoost and include shortened links to them in your Tweets.

Threaded Conversations

View replies of Tweets as a conversation in a threaded view.


Save personal drafts of Tweets, and then publish or send for approval when they are ready.

Email & Email Digests

TweetRoost can automatically email compilations of saved Tweets from search monitors, called Email Digests, either daily or weekly. This makes it easy to see a status report of select Twitter activity, at a glance. In addition, any individual Tweet can be sent to any email address with a single click.


Assign Tweets & Messages to team members for follow-up. Team member assignments to individuals can be done manually, round-robin by a search monitor, or linked to a specific search monitor.


Organize Tweets and Messages by topics for categorization and analysis. See popular tags by tag cloud.


Discuss Tweets & Messages internally with team members. Comments will never be seen by anyone in Twitter.

Rich Analytics & Reporting

View metrics and reports analyzing followers/following counts, team member and assignee activity over time. Integration with Klout to view Klout Score, True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Influence of any Twitter user at a glance.

Activity Stream

View TweetRoost activity of team member actions over time.

RSS Feeds from TweetRoost

More than 10 meaningful rss feeds produced by TweetRoost.

3rd Party Integrations

Send and link Tweets & Messages to Salesforce, Zendesk, or Basecamp.


Automatically append team members initials to Tweets as mini-signatures.

Twitter Functionality

Manage favorites, lists, followers, retweets, saved searches, tweets, messages, mentions - just about all of the functionality provided by Twitter is available in a web-based collaborative environment, hosted by us, in the cloud. Tweets beyond 140 characters are also supported.