MediaRoost announces lowered TweetRoost pricing for Non-Profits

Edison, NJ (September 8, 2011) – MediaRoost, Inc. today announced special lowered TweetRoost pricing, effective immediately, for non-profits.

09.08.2011– Acknowledging the great social value of non-profits and the particular difficulties they face in the current economic climate, the new TweetRoost pricing is available for all non-profits, including schools, research and charitable institutions, etc.

The standard commercial TweetRoost price is $14.95 per user per month. Under the new “2 for 1” non-profit pricing, TweetRoost costs $14.95 for every 2 users per month.

TweetRoost is an enterprise Twitter management tool, housed in the cloud. It is accessed simply via users’ standard browsers. TweetRoost allows organizations to manage tweets, retweets, mentions and other social media discussions, and includes an array of features designed specifically for groups and advanced Twitter users.

David Simon of Survival International says, “With TweetRoost, all members of our team can draft and schedule tweets – which means less time spent sending text around and more time interacting with our followers. Aside from having an easy-to-use interface and clean timeline, TweetRoost’s ability to archive data has helped us keep on top of which users did what in the activity stream. It also means we can stay connected to followers more easily, by seeing all @mentions in the permanent database. TweetRoost enhances our ability to manage our network and harness the enormous power of social media for our work.”

Designed for departments within large organizations (sales, marketing or customer service departments), and agencies (marketing, advertising and public relations) that manage one or more Twitter profiles, TweetRoost provides a central platform to manage, assign, tag, search and archive Twitter conversations.

Unlike other Twitter management solutions, TweetRoost includes a powerful saving capability that enables users to permanently archive all incoming and outgoing Twitter streams. Users and groups can internally tag, comment and discuss via threaded conversations all Twitter interactions and utilize auto-assignment, routing and approval functionality to support social media processes and workflow.

“Every day millions of Twitter users are mentioning their positive and negative experiences with brands and only a fraction of these organizations have the appropriate tools to keep pace,” explained Mark Krieger, President of MediaRoost. “We developed TweetRoost to address the social CRM needs of these organizations, offering multiple people within a department or agency the capability to proactively manage their Twitter engagement.”

Mr. Krieger and co-founder Fred Pack have extensive expertise in the customer service industry, having created one of the first Web-based service desk tools, FootPrints, in 1996. The product and company, UniPress Software, were acquired by Numara Software in 2006. Together the founders decided to bring an enterprise and service desk mentality to Twitter, and started MediaRoost in 2010.

“Twitter is being used in a variety of ways and is an excellent channel for brands to communicate, not only for sales, marketing and customer service but also product development, market research and even human resources,” added Mr. Pack. “TweetRoost is a flexible tool for departments to harness the power of Twitter, connect with customers and prospects, and cultivate relationships.”

TweetRoost offers integrations with third-party CRM, service desk and project management tools such as, ZenDesk, and BaseCamp. MediaRoost offers a free 45-day fully-functioning multi-user trial version of TweetRoost. After 45 days, users who do not purchase can keep a permanent single-user version without some of the advanced features.

About MediaRoost:
MediaRoost, based in Metuchen, New Jersey, is a social media startup serving clients in the CRM, sales, marketing and public relations industries. With prior experience in programming and CRM software, the company’s focus is to help individuals and groups efficiently manage and monitor their social media presence. For more information on MediaRoost, visit or follow @mediaroost on Twitter at