My old friend, John Ryan, who runs UniPress UK, the UniPress Software distributorship in the UK for FootPrints back in the day, once took me to a local casino near his office on the Isle of Man. He said ‘This is not the full Vegas’ … and I’ve loved that expression to this day. Of course it means that the small Casino — with 5-6 tables — had nothing of the power and glitter of the ‘real Las Vegas.’

When you sell or license software, sometimes people want the ‘full Vegas’ — they want unlimited use, they want to be able to request modifications from the software vendor, or to make such modifications themselves, and perhaps they want the source code of the software. These customers probably, for a variety of reasons — most particularly security concerns — do not want the software running in the cloud — they want to host it themselves.

We’ve started to hear this ‘full Vegas’ request – this is not uncommon to us, we heard it in our last software company too. So we are happy to oblige. Check out our Pricing page at the MediaRoost Website. We’ve added an option for full source code, internal hosting, unlimited internal use. Interested? Just contact us, we’ll be ready to discuss.


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