People have been saying to us: “We love to have an interface to manage multiple Twitter accounts better — including approvals, scheduling, and archiving [which are all handled by TweetRoost] — but we’d also love to manage and track our work — which may have nothing to do with Tweets and DMs — in that same interface.”

So we’ve done it: “Task Management” is now included in TweetRoost. What’s Task Management?

At any time you can create a new Task. Tasks are like richer to-do lists, including a brief description and an initial full description — to which you can append additional comments whenever you’d like. They have optional Due Dates, Status, Assignee, and Tags, so they can be tracked via a common tag or keyword. Tasks which are not completed by the Due Date are marked as Overdue.

Lists of tasks can be displayed on the Saved Items page — and when they are, they are marked in that list as Open, Completed or Overdue and color coded. In addition, they can be printed or filed offline, and they can be shown in the Analytics engine.

I use Tasks to keep track of all of my TweetRoost business and development projects and sub-projects. You can use them to help your business too. Sign up for a free copy of TweetRoost at our website and you can try Tasks too.