Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically turn RSS Feeds into Tweets! This would let you take your organization’s RSS Feeds, or any other RSS Feeds, and, after review, blast them out as Tweets. How’s that for valuable power ….

With our new TweetRoost “RSS Feed” feature you can do just that!

Here’s how it works: TweetRoost reads any RSS Feeds you want. It turns the items in the Feed, one by one, into TweetRoost ‘Pending Tweets,’ ready for you to modify the words; approve them; and then either Tweet them out immediately, or schedule them to be Tweeted whenever you want.

Let’s say you have an RSS Feed you like, for instance your own blog or Google News. You can direct TweetRoost to read that Feed. Once TweetRoost captures the RSS Items, it saves them into your queue, for instance: TweetRoost Unapproved Tweets. These unapproved Tweets can be edited, approved, and scheduled — or simply tweeted right out. Here’s an example of an Edit Screen.

And you can Tweet it right away, or schedule it for later.

You get complete access to all RSS items, and you’ll also have complete control over what is Tweeted and when. Sign up for a Trial of TweetRoost, see how this can work for you.


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    Nice post