A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how TweetRoost Archive can be used to save all Tweets around a specific Conference, Meeting, event, etc. We put this into practice by setting up a search monitor to save all Tweets which had the ‘#140conf’ hashtag, and then we gave multi-user ‘guest’ access to anyone who wanted to search that archive. Ten or twenty thousand Tweets were made about that conference.

This brings to mind some interesting uses of the TweetRoost archive of Tweets:

  1. Are you running a conference or any kind of user forum where Tweets are associated? Just create one ‘guest’ user account in your TweetRoost, and multiple people can login simultaneously to this guest account and search the archive of Tweets about the conference or forum.
  2. Do you want to give non-Twitter users access to your archive of Saved Tweets? Maybe your management wants to see what is going on in your Twitter account, but they don’t want to learn a new product (TweetRoost or even Twitter); and you don’t want to buy many seats of TweetRoost for the occasional and casual users — just make a single ‘guest’ account for as many of these read-only people as you want.

Are you required by laws or regulation to have archive some or all of your communications? Some organizations absolutely have that obigation. TweetRoost will do that for you. The archive can be much more active when you make a ‘guest’ account that any number of people can use to see the Tweets which are the database entries!

Try TweetRoost out, we’re sure you’ll like it.