We’ve talked before about using TweetRoost for supporting your customers who contact you via Twitter and need Customer Service.  When we’ve looked at how organizations are using Twitter and TweetRoost, many replies are exactly the same as replies given to previous customers. For example, “@customer1 Follow @myaccount so I can DM you” or “@customer2 Our main phone number at @myaccount is 1-800-555-5555″ might appear over and over (but of course to different customers). Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to type the same text over and text when replying to customer Tweets?

Well, this is just what we’ve implemented in TweetRoost! The TweetRoost administrator can create a library of ‘Canned Replies.’ Any time you are replying to a customer, you can pull down this list from a dropdown menu, and clicking on the current dropdown choice pastes it into the Reply box automatically.

This new feature gives you three advantages over typing the same answer in over and over:

a. You save many keystrokes.

b. Your organization can give ‘standard’ answers which have been carefully prepared.

c. Much less time is needed to look up answers to common questions, or keep a list nearby: The list in TweetRoost is right on the Reply screen you are using!

TweetRoost has many features to enable Customer Service to excel when using Twitter: Automatic import from Twitter of Tweets which match certain criteria (“Search Monitor”) and then assignment of these to the best person to answer them; Canned Replies; Scheduled Tweets and DMs; Archiving of Tweets and DMs; Email notifications; and of course it is multiuser and multi-Twitter account.

Try it out at The MediaRoost Website.